Date(s) - 16/12/2019 - 19/12/2019
All Day



In Collaboration with the UN Task Force on Religion and Development

Overall Goal:
To develop the capacities of United Nations staff and partner faith-based organizations to capitalize on the intrinsic relationship between faith and religious beliefs and environmental sustainability.

  • Participants: UNEP divisions and regional offices and partners, including FBOs and academic partners/co-sponsors;
  • UNEP and the UN Task Force on Religion and Development co-leading this workshop;
  • Location: UNON-NAIROBI, Kenya;

The purpose of the ‘Faith for Earth’ workshop is to explore existing initiatives and potential ones. It will also consider the priority environmental issues that intersect with religious beliefs, the specific challenges faced in the implementation and best practices while addressing human rights and gender equality as cross-cutting concerns. The ‘Faith for Earth’ workshop will address issues related to advocacy, service delivery, programme design, implementation and evaluation. The main outcome is to enhance the ‘how to’ of dealing with, outreach to and partnering with faith-based organizations

Guiding Questions

  1. What are the linkages between faith and the environment?
  2. How do these interlinkages manifest in practical development endeavors at the intergovernmental as well as at field-levels?
  3. How can UNEP, UN, and faith-based organizations, together with other civil society entities, realize coherent policies and an enabling environment for environmental sustainability at all levels?

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